2017 – Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
2015 – 2016 M.A. History, University of Waterloo
2011 – 2015 B.A. History, English Lit & World Cinema, McGill University


2017 – 2019 Research Assistant, eQuality Project, with Prof.  Leslie Shade
2018  Research Assistant, Privacy Stories: Opening the Door on                                                         Digital Privacy,
2018 Teaching Assistant, University of Toronto Mississauga:

“CCT300H5: Critical Analysis of Media” (Winter)

“CCT110H5: Rhetoric and Media” (Spring)

“CCT300H5: Critical Analysis of Media” (Fall)

2016 – 2017 Research Assistant, HESA (Higher Education Research Associates), KW Region Youth

2016 – 2017 Research Assistant, Spectrum Historical Project: “The History of LGBT Communities in KW”

2016 – 2017 Research Assistant, Capacity Canada, Ontario Trillium Foundation Project on National Capacity Building

2016 Research Assistant, UW Web Archiving for Digital Research Group, with Prof. Ian Milligan

2015 – 2016 Teaching Assistant, University of Waterloo:

“HIST 113: Canadian Business History,”

“HIST 105: History of Rock ‘n’ Roll”


2018 – Invited talk in CCT109H5: Rhetoric and Media

2018 – “Land Before Time: Yahoo’s Acquisition of GeoCities in 1999,” Research Days, U of Toronto

2017 – “Researching ‘Cyberkids’: GeoCities Archives and How to Use its Data,” Congress: CSDH/SCHN, Ryerson University

2016 – “Reconciliation, Testimony, and Healing: Communicating Traumatic Histories on an International Stage,” Tri-U Graduate Conference, University of Guelph