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Research Assistant:

February 2019 – present          Student PI of “Early Internet Memories” with The eQuality Project (SSHRC Partnership Grant) qualitative research on tech nostalgia and youth memories, REB approved.

August 2019 – present             Research Assistant, Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI) project, “Trans-Canada Computer Network” (TCCN) (Dr. Daniel Joseph, supervised by Prof. David Nieborg, Dr. Chris Young.) Archival research on government documents about planned computer networks.

2017 – present                        Research Assistant, The eQuality Project (SSHRC Partnership Grant) (Prof. Leslie Shade, Co-Pi), research and co-authored paper on Internet Addiction discourse, youth, social media and research ethics.

2018                                        Research Assistant for Jackman Humanities Institute Scholars in Residence Program (Prof. Leslie Shade), Privacy Stories: Opening the Door on Digital Privacy, Website & research dissemination design, aid to undergraduate students, project co-ordination.

2016                                        Co-Creator of the website “Project Newsworthy: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women,” For Graduate Seminar in Canadian History. (Prof. Ian Milligan) Discursive analysis of historical newspapers, data mapping, contextualizing, research dissemination for public audiences.

2016-2017                               Research Assistant for HESA (Higher Education Research Associates), Qualitative Research with KW Region Youth.

2016-2017                               Research Assistant for Capacity Canada on Ontario Trillium Foundation Project about National Capacity Building, literature reviews.

2016                                        Research Assistant for University of Waterloo “Web Archiving for Digital Research” Group, with Prof. Ian Milligan, research on big data collections.

Teaching Assistant:
University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)
CCT300H5: Critical Analysis of Media (Winter 2018)
CCT110H5: Rhetoric and Media (Spring 2018)
CCT300H5: Critical Analysis of Media (Fall 2018)
CCT110H5: Rhetoric and Media (Winter 2019)
CCT320H5: Communication, Technology & Social Change (Winter 2019)
CCT300H5: Critical Analysis of Media (Fall 2019)
CCT110h5: Rhetoric and Media (Winter 2020)

University of Waterloo
HIST 113: Canadian Business History (Fall 2015)
HIST 105: History of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Winter 2016)