BE5D9972-6AC0-46BE-82DE-0CFE3DF6ACA8-2992-0000018C47F4ECE2I am a CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow with the Critical Digital Humanities Initiative (CDHI) at the University of Toronto (2022-2024). I completed my PhD at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto in 2022. I research histories of the web, including early uses of the internet by young people in the 1990s and the popular web-host, ‘GeoCities’. My research interrogates ethical approaches to web archives research on youth history and explores social, infrastructural, and policy issues of the early web.

My dissertation is titled Databound: Histories of Growing up on the World Wide Web and includes a patchwork approach that draws from web archives, oral interviews (Early Internet Memories project), policy, and news media. 

I have published in Internet Histories, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society (JICES), Jeunesse and Studies in Social Justice. Please send me a message if you cannot access a copy. 

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